The Whole Gluten Free Story


Why is gluten-free becoming so popular?

Wonder why everyone is talking about living gluten-free? It’s likely because they heard how great their friends and family felt when they took the plunge and removed it from their lives.

Check out our links to find what gluten can do to your body and how to remove it from your diet. See what the data says, follow our action steps, and experience more energy, pain-free movement, better mood and behavior, and sharper, clearer cognitive function.

For many, eliminating gluten from their diet helps heal the body by lowering inflammation, healing the intestines, and allowing for proper nutrient absorption.

Gluten is everywhere in our food, and only by removing it 100% from our diets can we begin to heal from its adverse effects.

It’s easy to get on the gluten-free bandwagon and rely on processed, gluten-free versions of old favorites, but doing so won’t bring about healing and long-term health and can often perpetuate the cycle of malnourishment. It is important to work toward a diet full of healing, whole foods.

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