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Here you will find the essential documents we mention in our book, The Elimination Diet™ Please download them, print, use a 3-hole puncher, and add them all to a special binder. For the Journal, we recommend printing off about 60 pages of the third page in the document in order to have a full journal to write in. Add this to your binder or use a separate binder just for your Elimination Diet Journal. 

We've also provided a Resources Cover Page PDF below in case you want to place this on the front cover of your binder to stay organized! 

Additionally, for those of you not part of our online Support Program, we created an Elimination Diet Facebook Support Group just for you! Click HERE to request to be part of the group. You can share your story, post recipes, and more! 

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Hi, I just purchased the book and am on day 5. Two quick questions - I couldn't find canned organic coconut milk without guar gum. Do you have any brand recommendations or do I not need to worry about guar gum? Also, I am traveling for 36 hours and will be staying at a hotel. Should I bring all of my own food? Any recommendations for travel-friendly foods or recipes since I'll be on a plane and then at a hotel?

I see nightshade spices on the "no" list, but am just thinking unless I see it on that list its OK? Like rosemary is not on the list but is involved with the roasted chicken. I'm wondering about dill, lemongrass. Pacific makes an organic bone broth with rosemary, cider vinegar and lemon grass. Wondering if I can drink that. I am only on phase 1, but have not been drinking chicken stock, as it seems like a waste of chicken I can't eat.

Hi! I do not see salt listed in the lists, but pepper is. The recipes in the book contain salt. What is the rule for salt? Sea salt only? Is all salt ok? Thanks!

Hi Dina! Thanks so much for this question. We like sea salt. If you have not tried it yet, Redmond Real Salt is exceptional. Here is a link to check it out. http://amzn.to/1OciofF This is a sea salt that has never seen modern conditions as it comes from an ancient sea bed that was buried in Utah. The trace element content is such that it has less of an effect on elevating blood pressure and has an almost sweet aftertaste. We prefer this salt over all others but a good himalayan pink salt can work too. Enjoy!

Hi! I do not see shrimp listed. Is it a yes or a no? Thanks! D

Im on day 6, and i still have diarrhea, maybe its the grains/beans? Why isnt grains their own category to eliminate and test??? Also when is the best time to take charcoal? Like in between meals, in between supplements?

Im following Low FODMAP, cut out all grains/beans, im eating only phase 1-2 recipes without garlic/onion, I eat broccoli sprouts and organic sauerkraut daily, and im taking the following supplements: Meriva (Thorne brand), Digestive enzymes (with high lipase), probiotics (high quality), L-glutamine, Vitamin D, Milk thistle. My Diarrhea has actually gotten worse, PLEASE HELP

I know Turkey and chicken is ok on this diet. We have the book. We are wondering if duck is ok.

Hello I am about to embark on the elimination diet. I was wondering if you support an online forum for discussion / questions ? Or if you could recommend and existing forum that might be well monitored by knowledgable professionals.

When can kiwi be reintroduced? I'm on the first week of phase 3, but don't see anything for kiwi anywhere.

Help! Ive lost your website with you recipe and how to lists!

Hi, I was wondering if products like Eat Water: Slim Rice/Pasta are suitable for the Elimination Diet, and if they are should they be included at phase 1 or 2? I haven't had grains such as rice for some time, having replaced them with this instead, though they do contain a small amount of oat fibre. Seeing as grains are on the No list for phase 1, I had thought to add slim rice to soups and smoothies instead, as it's based on a vegetable rather than a grain. There are other brands such as Bare Naked Noodles but as those contain soya I assume they wouldn't be ok. Please advise, I am very curious to know. Thank you.

Hi, I had a blood test to see my food allergies a year and a half ago saying I'm allergic to both wheat and peanuts. These have been removed from my diet since then, so I'm wondering if I should try reintroducing them into my diet for phase 3 despite knowing I'm allergic? My reactions are skin based, not deathly, so doing so wouldn't kill me, but I'm curious to see if I'm still allergic after all this time.

Hello, I was wondering if Mangos are allowed because I haven't seen them on any of your list, thank you.

Hi Nathalie~ Mangos are allowed during all phases. Enjoy!

Can store bought Pacific brand organic brothes and stocks be used, in lieu of homemade batches? I'll be starting the diet after Thanksgiving.

Help please- are Vital Greens or equivalent Greens powder allowed in Stage 1 - also Great Lakes Collagen and coconut oil- am in Australia and this is my go to green smoothie for breakfast ? Many thanks for your wonderful book

Hi Tom and Ali, I am currently reading your book " The Elimination Diet " and loving every page of it ! It has so much of information and while reading it I am feeling ...why didn't I get this earlier ! I am preparing myself for Elimination Diet. I read in the book about benifits of Broccoli Sprouts and would love to include them in my diet...however where I stay we dont get its seeds ...I even searched on Amazon and the seeds available are not organic. Could you please tell me about broccoli sprouts supplements and which brand should I buy ? I understand that best way to have nutrients is have fresh sprouts however due to difficulty in availability of organic seeds I want to take supplements. Please help. Thanks.

Hello, I am on Phase 2 of the elimination diet and had to go on antibiotics for my ear infection and the virus that is going around (Amoxicilin). Is this okay? Also, can I have bell peppers (stuffed with brown rice and some veggies) during phase 2? Best, Gizem

Hi Alissa and tom, I have bought tour book recently. I was wondering if chick peas are allowed in phase 2. Maybe i have overlooked something (English is not my native language as i am from the Netherlands) so just checking to make sure. Starting phase 1 tomorrow! Very exciting. Kind regards, Romy

Hello - trying to get my shopping list together to begin the elimation diet. I see that coconut milk (canned,organic) is allowed. Is coconut milk in the carton allowed (often found in refrigerated sections of grocery stores next to the Almond milk and soy milks)?

Hi , Please can you clarify if amaranth is allowed on any phases of the diet?

Can I eat certified gluten free oats on phase two of the diet?

Hi there. I just finished day 2 of detox. Day 1 I had the strawberry kale mint smoothie (substituting avocado for chia) for breakfast and snack and green detox soup for lunch and dinner. Beverages included mint tea and water. I started the program with a head cold. Day 2 I had the same strawberry kale mint smoothie for breakfast and the green soup for lunch. Snack was the very berry chia smoothie and the cauliflower parsnip soup for dinner. Mid afternoon I noticed an itchiness in my scalp, ears and neck and it was harder to breathe. I am also a seasonal asthmatic usually brought on by colds but this seemed different. I also drank a thyme tea in the morning, coconut water, midday, water and peppermint tea. Day 3 morning, I'm still experiencing extreme itchiness in the ears, and scalp and my breathing is constricted. I know that my head cold has dropped to my chest so that may be part of the breathing part. My question is do you see something that I have consumed that may be the cause? My first thought is the chia seeds....

My wife still has hemorrhoids. We are on day 15. Any ideas?

Hi Jim, yes I do! Go to doctor yourself.com index at side for hemmiroids or vitamin e information. Apparently vitamin e is good internally have a read hope it helps Narelle

The elimination diets all seem to include in the ok for phase one food something I already know I have a problem with(broccoli) with that knowledge is it safe to assume any of those ok foods are actually ok?

How long do you stay on the elimination phase? I see the detox phase is 2 days but didn't know how long the phases after are

I've been using your cookbooks and online recipes for years (love your recipes!) and now my children and I are doing the Elimination diet. I'm doing a 3rd day of detox and feel great! I noticed that in your Corn list provided above you don't list Citric Acid. I have a corn intolerance and learned a few years ago that citric acid is almost always derived from corn. Just wanted to point this out as there may be many people who don't tolerate corn and might react to citric acid as well. When I was able to cut out citric acid (which is in so many things!) I immediately felt so much better! Please consider adding it to your list.

Hello! I recently started the diet and am in phase two. I have sparkling flavored water that contains only “carbonated mineral water and natural flavors”. I obviously should t have the citrus flavored drinks until I begin phase three, but otherwise would these be ok? Just looking for some variety :)

Could the food lists be updated with the ingredients listed in your recipes and include things like mango that you indicated in this forum as “okay” to eat? Also, could you please answer the Guar Gum question from 2015? Thanks!

Hi, I printed out My Meal Planning PDF sheet, but now I can’t find it on your site, could you please email me the link? Thank you

I am just starting the diet. When should I take the supplements? All in the morning? Throughout the day? Before bed?

Hello, I am wondering if stevia should not be ingested during phase 1 of the elimination diet? Also, wondering are strawberries ok in phase 1? Thank you, Barb

Hello. I purchased and heard the audiobook and I seem to be missing the re-imtroduction schedule and the recepies. Where do I find those?

Love the book so far! Thank you Do you have a shopping list for each phase?

Hi - do you recommend this diet for Gout sufferers? Anything they should leave out during detox or elimination phases? We have read so many articles and each one lists different veggies as high or medium in purines. We are very confused. Also been unable to pin down what is triggering it. Eat little to no red meat and do not drink.

Hi! My functional medecine doctor just put me on a low hisyamine dient (and I also have intolerances with eggs, dairy, gluten) I am searching for help as I don t know what to eat any more! Could this book help? Tnak you

I've read your book and super keen to start the diet. Was surprised to not see turmeric in any of the allowed foods - or did I miss something. Grateful if you could clarify.

Are sesame oils allowed in phase 2?

how long should phase 1 go for?

I don’t eat sour cream or yogurt. Do I have to drink RAW milk. Can it be organic whole milk?

I’ve noticed a lot of sites guiding you through elimination diets say no to nuts like almonds but then say almond flour or almond milk is ok. Is this an oversight? Does Whole Life Nutritions diet plan allow for almond flour even though almonds are on the “no” list of phase 2?

hi! does anyone know how long i should continue phase 1 (the detox phase) for? i think i read somewhere 2 days but im not sure.


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