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I would like to purchase your books at a wholesale discount to resell in my clinic, how do I do that? We currently do not sell our books at a wholesale discount anymore. You can contact our publishers for bulk ordering discounts. All of the information you need is on this PDF which you can download and print. 

I'm looking for the free Resources mentioned in The Elimination Diet Book, where are they?
You can find the downloadable resources here.

I submitted my information to receive the Free Downloads (either the Elimination Diet Cookbook and Quickstart Guide, the Healthy Gluten-Free School Lunch Cookbook, or the Clean Eating eBook and Shopping Guide) and I never received anything in my inbox. Help! 
Everyday we get 1 to 2 questions about this. It is not uncommon for email providers to deliver our emails to your SPAM/JUNK folders so be sure to check there first. All of the Free Downloads will be coming from so please do a search in your email using our address. Then you will want to add to your email address book and safe senders list. Please read over this page on our site to learn more about "Whitelisting" our email address so you can receive your FREE gifts, as well as our email newsletter. Just scroll down to find your email provider. Each has specific instructions: