How to Make Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts contain a chemical called sulforaphane which is one of the most potent antioxidants and detoxification substances that we know of. Adding sulforaphane to the diet has shown to greatly reduce the risk of stomach, bladder, colorectal, and breast cancers. There was also a study done at Johns Hopkins that showed greater urinary excretion of air pollutants when sulforaphane was consumed. Another recent article in the Journal PNAS even showed a reduction in autistic symptoms when sulforaphane was added to the diet. 

I actually started recommending that people add in 1/4 cup of broccoli sprouts with their meals 8 years ago. Those clients that added them in had greater improvement with their skin conditions, mood, energy, and joint pain when they were following our Elimination Diet. My clients and my family are now hooked on growing their own kitchen garden of sprouts. 

If for some reason you do not like the taste of broccoli sprouts or do not want to make them, you can try a supplement that contains the beneficial sulforaphane chemicals. We recommend Crucera-SGS, a broccoli seed exctract, which is available here on our site:

How to Make Broccoli Sprouts

Growing your own little sprout garden is a fun and exciting process. Broccoli seeds can be a little more challenging to grow as they take longer to sprout compared to other seeds, so be patient. It takes a few days for the seeds to even break open and they are slow in growing. You will get into a routine once you do it a few times. Remember that sprouting happens at a different rate in different climates. The warmer it is, the faster it will happen. 

Here's what you'll need:

wide mouthed quart jar with spouting lid
2 tablespoons organic broccoli sprouting seeds
purified water


Place the seeds into a jar and cover them with a few inches of warm purified water. Let them soak overnight in a warm dark place. Then, after about 8 to 10 hours, drain the water off.

Rinse the seeds with fresh water, 2 to 3 times a day for 4 to 5 days. Place the jar in a warm, dark place during this time period. Make sure to drain off all of the water after each rinsing to prevent spoiling of the sprouts.

Note: I know you are you are excited to grown your own garden right in your kitchen, but it will likely take 2 to 3 days to split open and begin to sprout so be patient.

Once your sprouts are a few centimeters long and have defined yellow leaves, move your jar out into a place where it can be exposed to some sunlight. This will allow the sprouts to use the light and grow quickly. Be sure to keep rinsing as the sprouts can dry out quickly in hot and dry environments.  You will recognize when the sprouts are ready as they will have darker green leaves and be about an inch or longer in length. Don’t worry about eating them too early.  As soon as they are green they are ready to go.

Yield: about 4 cups


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really truly you guys are the best as always - I am pretty sure i will use your new book along with my detox manual!!! :) Kasia

Thanks Kasia! :)

I tried it 3 times now but my sprouts never turn green. I was told to keep them in the dark, is that the problem? how do you completely drain? I have a lid and after rinsing put the jar on it's side tilted slightly up, but they always seem so wet. any help gratefully appreciated.

I never keep my seeds or sprouts in the dark. I keep them on the kitchen counter and they get natural indirect light throughout the sprouting process. Some people recommend moving the sprouts, once they have sprouted, to a dark place, but I've never done that. I like my sprouts to get green. They can't get green if you leave them in the dark!

As for draining, I just leave my Mason jars with the wire mesh caps on tipped at about a 45 degree angle after every rinse. They drain naturally, but they will still be noticeable wet.

Would love to have them in my diet. Are they ok to eat on an autoimmune diet because they are raw - not cooked cruciferous. Already ordered the new book !

Hi Parie! 

Yes. They are a different entitiy altogether. The sprouts are well digested and abosorbed by most people. Research indicates that it would take multiple pounds per day before there is a concern for thyroid issues as well. So...enjoy! Just make sure you are keeping them well-rinsed and dried as they can mold if you let them sit in water too long. 

My best wishes to you!

I just started experimenting with sprouts this winter and have been successful so far with alfalfa. I would love to try broccoli sprouts, too. Can you recommend some reputable sources for the seeds? Thanks! Looking forward to the new book. Love both of your cookbooks.

Thanks for your comment Jody,

I've updated the post so it links to the brand we like. You can order this brand online, but also be sure to check your local health food store because they might carry them (you might even be able to find them in bulk). 

Here is the link to order them online:

I bought my broccoli sprouts at the local health food store. The company is Botanical Interests, Inc. and they are labeled 100% certified organic. The package states "If not properly disinfected, all seeds have the possibility of carrying E. coli bacteria or other food borne pathogens. Please disinfect the seed prior to sprouting by soaking in a 2% bleach solution (1Tsp. bleach to 1 cup hot tap water) for 15 min." Do you recommend this step? This will be my first time to try sprouting. I have enjoyed both of your cookbooks and am looking forward to the new one. They have been so helpful in learning to cook for my daughter who is severely allergic (anaphylaxis) to milk, all meats, peanut as well as being recently diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis and taken off of egg and fish. Thank you for all of your research and wonderful recipes!

Hi Jennifer! 

Thanks so much for your comments and question. 

It is probably a good idea to follow the directions on the product that you are using. Especially if you have a daughter that has an immuned system that may already be challenged. If your children do not want to eat the sprouts, consider the Crucera-SGS supplement that we offer. I can easily sneak that powder in to soups and smoothies. 

just got done listening to the bulletproof radio podcast and I really enjoy listening to you converse on nutrition. I am glad I found this site keep it up!

Thanks so much Thaddeus! Can't wait to share more!- Tom 

Hi Tom,
Thanks for all the great info. Listened to you on the Bulletproof podcast.
I'm new to sprouting. I just put my sprouts on the window sill today and want to clarify. Do you stop the rinsing process at this stage, and wait a couple of days before you start to eating?

Hey Joe! 

Thanks so much for your comment/question. 

Yes. Still rinse these. Just keep an eye on the moistue in the jar. They may need less moisture if you see lots of "sweating." You can go down to 1 time a day if they are still in the jar. Once they are full green, I like to take them out of the jar and store them in another glass bowl. At that time, there is no need to rinse. 

Enjoy! - Tom

I just found a package of radish seeds I bought for sprouting last year, and which I completely forgot about! This post reminds me why I wanted them, and inspires me to go start up the sprouts right now! Thanks for sharing, and I'll try broccoli sprouts next :).

I have sprouted broccoli seeds over the last several months but am often disappointed with waste. Seems I mostly have about 1/3 to 1/4 of the seeds I attempt to sprout do not. Since seeds are rather pricey, I would appreciate some advice. I did watch your video and read and followed instructions. Help!

Thank you so much for the webinar today. You have blew my mind with all the invaluable information you have provided. So exciting to be able to learn so many important things in a hour! I am calling my family and friends and trying to educate them :) I am going to get started sprouting my own broccoli seeds as soon as possible!!! Thanks a lot again!! Regards...

Hi Tom,
I just made my first batch of broccoli sprouts. I'm surprised by their sharp flavor! I'll get used to it, but I know my little kids won't go near these. You mentioned the Crucera-SGS supplement, but can I just put broccoli sprouts in smoothies and (pureed) soups?

Thanks for this question Jessica!

If you grow the sprouts in soil, sometimes the taste is a little more mild. 

You can put them in smoothies raw and they work well. You may need to hide the flavor with some lemon or pineapple. Sour flavors do the trick! 

When you cook the sprouts in soups, they will lose some of their potency. You can experiment with putting them in the soup after it has cooled a bit though. 

Good luck with the kiddos!


Just listened to the underground wellness pod cast. Loved it. I was genetically tested and told that I don't make glutathione. Can the sprouts still be beneficial to me or should I avoid sulfur containing compounds?
Thanks, Anne

Thanks for your question Anne! 

Yes, yes, yes! The sulforaphane from broccoli will upregulate your expression of many proteins that assist you in making glutathione. 

Even though you may not have the genes that are ideal for making glutathione, it does NOT mean you are not able to make glutathione. It just means you need a little boost! 

Broccoli sprouts are just the thing!



Hi Tom,
I have been dealing with UC for years. Recently my practitioner prescribed a low thiol diet because of UC and it seems to have helped. I notice reduction in migraines and many other benefits. I am still struggling with gut issues and have found the elimination diet. I am excited to get started and have signed up. I notice that many of the foods in this diet are high in thiol, particularly broccoli sprouts and fermented foods. I am ready to continue forward but am worried about how my body may react to the sulfur foods Ive cut out. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Hi Tom,
I have UC and my practitioner suggested a low thiol diet. It seems to be helping. I just signed up for the elimination diet and realized that almost all of what I will be preparing and eating is on my list of what not to eat!! If I am having problems with sulfur foods and methelation is this diet right for me?
Thanks, Jennifer

Not sure growing broccoli sprouts will work at my house. Is broccoli sprout powder as beneficial?
Thank you!!

I've tried this 3 times and the sprouts have been covered in mold each time. Any suggestions?

I thought maybe the green lid I was using wasn't draining well enough, so I found a steel lid, but that didn't make a difference. There was condensation/humidity on the inside this time (can't remember if there was the other times - probably).

Should I water it less? Try to intentionally dry it out each time I water it, beyond just draining the water?


When I first started sprouting I thought the little white hair like roots were mold. Until I read more about them. Could this be what it is?

Do you eat the seeds or just the sprouts (the green part)?

Do you eat the seeds or just the sprouts (the green part)?

Hi Tom, I have my first round of sprouts with a second in a few days. What do I do with them and how do I store them? Can I take them out of the jar and put them in a glass bowl? Fridge or cupboard? There is a lot so I can't just eat them from the mason jar - they're very dense...

Thanks, Peggy

Hi Tom, I have made two nice batches of spouts so far... my problem is keeping them long enough to eat them. I've tried putting them in a glass bowl in the fridge but they have a strong smell that permeates the entire space. They're wet and dense in the center so I'm only getting a few bits of outer greens. Please advise...

This is what I do with the sprouts so they don't go to waste before I eat them. I blend them up and put them in the mini-ice cube tray and freeze them. Then I pull them out on add to breakfast smoothie or add them to beef or veggie soup.

Regarding freezing broccoli sprouts....You say you blend them and then add to ice cube tray. Do you add water at all?

Might I get even more sulforaphane (and is it safe/useful) if I simply include a tablespoon of broccoli sprout seeds into a veggie smoothie? If so, could I simply do the rinse process and then throw them in?

Hi Tom, I am new to sprouting and found your website. I really appreciate you responding to questions.

I have already successfully grown a batch of broccoli sprouts, but only recently learned of the risks of acquiring E Coli. Is this rare enough that I shouldn't be worried? Have you heard of anyone becoming ill?

I have already begun researching safe methods to mitigate risk, but I can't help but be nervous.

Hi everyone,
I never eat the Broccoli Sprouts but I would like to know how to cook or to eat and prepare the Broccoli Sprouts. I have heard that it is dangerous to eat the Broccoli Sprouts as raw even I wash it correctly because may be there is bacteria. Thank you for helping.

Due to the high content of sticky slime produced by broccoli sprouts it may be difficult to use the traditional method described above - it may be easier to sprout broccoli on wet paper napkins or to use a sprouting bowl like this one :

I read in Dr. Gregor's book 'How Not to Die ', that studies show most nutrient density just after the 3rd day or second rinse. Has anyone else seen that study? Seems early, before leaves sprout.

Howdy, isn't it correct that broccoli needs to be crushed and left for a while for the Sulforophane to form?

I've seen the article about broccoli it's very interesting. About Crucera-SGS you write that Thorn only provide to US. i live in Israel how can Iget it or an equivalent.

I just brought the b sprouts for health reasons n now not sure how to get them n everyday life please help really need for h pylori medication didnt help

When researching natural remedies i came across broccoli sprouts brought them and thought they werer ready yo eat from package how can i get them in my daily food intake right away health issues

I sure I just missed it but how much do I take per day.

Thanks for the recipe!
is it true, that sprouts also are rich in lectins? And if so, could that cause problems / upset stomach?

Hi - I made my first batch of broccoli sprouts and had some yesterday in my salad and loved them. Today I went to grab some to snack on and they burned in my mouth like horseradish or something similar. I like spicy food but it wasn't like that. I didn't notice this yesterday. Any ideas? It wore off after about 5 minutes so I tried again and it happened again. Is it just a strong flavor? They smelled fine. Don't think they were bad as my 2 year old ate them...

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